Employers Connecting your employees to the skills they need in the workplace

Are you:

  • An employer in Bruce, Grey, Huron or Perth counties?
  • Operating in the Manufacturing, Hospitality & Tourism or Construction Industry?
  • In need of job-ready workers?
  • In need of employee training?

What you Get:

  • Access to pool of job ready workers
  • FREE training for current workers to increase retention and productivity
  • Support for training and coaching new hires
  • Leadership training for supervisors

Providing Job seekers and Employers with training and resources they need to SUCCEED. Connecting employers with job-ready workers and training opportunities to meet their workforce needs.

Delivering specifically designed curriculum that meets your needs for entry level industry skills. Partner with us to upskill your current workforce to address changing demands in your workplace. Employment Standards Certifications also provided through this delivery.

Connect with us to discuss how we can help you maximize your human capital investment for long-term growth, attraction and retention.

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